Am I fat and is it okay if I wear shorts?

Boys be honest we don't even know each other i wear US 8 what do you think about a girl with such size am i considered fat? And will it be okay if i wear a high waisted shorts or shorts in general i've been wanting but i really don't know what will people think of me i don't want to look gross in them especially the high waisted ones...


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  • Some women will kill to be a size 8 lol. maybe its a little big for your age range but don't let that bother you. wear anything you want, just keep the revealing (if you plan to) to a decent level. also don't worry about what people will think, if you have that attitude like you are modeling them shorts, you are going to look good anyway.

    • thank you! :)

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    • haha your welcome and if you ever feel like being blunt be blunt to me i won't mind! :P life is about accepting people right? :)

    • yea.. but not their words. Oh I've got a lot of things i can be blunt about to you.. you are still in the naive/cute stage... anyway, if you have questions and need the real truth, you know how to find me. also.. you should read my motto on my profile... sigh.. its basically the same thing i just wrote now lol.

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  • keep in mind that you're better than skinny girls XD


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  • Size 8 isn't fat. Don't ask men because they generally have zero knowledge on sizing for women. I'm currently a 6, an 8 in some brands. Personally, even if I was stick thin, I would never fit a 0, cause my hips are too big. So pants size is sort of irrelevant. Also, you said you're 5'4, and I would say a size 8 is perfectly fine.

    If you want to wear shorts, wear shorts. You're not fat, and even if you were, who gives a freaking fuck! If it's hot, wear shorts! Wear what you like.

    • your right about the first sentence and thanks

  • Size 8 US = size 12 UK.
    That would make you the girl on the far right:

    • So you're not fat and even if you were, just wear clothes that FIT you properly. That means buying clothes your size and you'll look fine.

    • Thanks! I will.. I'm not as big her tho i guess i'm between the 2 on the right

    • nothing wrong with a little curvature...

  • OMG you're not fat! Well, depending on how short or tall you are, I guess...

  • Of course you can. That is no ones business but your own. You are the only one who can judge how it looks

  • I know nothing about sizes hahaha sorry I am extremely small... probably too small so I don't know what a size 8 looks like but from what I have gathered size 8 is a perfectly healthy weight. And even if it wasn't healthy you can wear whatever you want and you will look beautiful as long as you wear it with confidence. Don't let men's opinions stop you from wearing what you like because if you change for them the man who would have liked you for you will never be able to find you because you were too worried about the boys who didn't matter.

  • That's the average size for women in the US. You're fine, wear whatever you want (:


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