Should Kenneth Cole be arrested for flooding the men's shoe market with hideous square toe rubber soled shoes in the late 90's?

I say yes. What about you?


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  • Yes, absolutely. It nearly destroyed men's shoes--and that horrid development is still going strong. I'm always secretly praying that the idiot wearing them gets hit in the crosswalk in the financial district, police arrive on scene, and then arrest the idiot for wearing the damn shoes

    • He may be able to outrun the car due to his special griped rubber soles.

    • Most Americans are too fat to run, lol. But you could have a point ;)

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  • LOL.

    no. :p

    • @harakiri Well damn. I thought you'd have a take on this important phenomenon. lol

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    • He convinced men's that orthopedic shoes were fashionable. And made a fortune in the process.

    • @TadCurious PTSD? ... let me cure thee! hehehe. muhahahahaha. :D :D :D

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  • Only if the person that created the furry boots gets arrested as well.


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