Anyone know of any good self tanner?

I am going to a wedding and I am wearing a strappy dress . I need some self tanner because my shoulders are white as white can get . The rest of my body has a little tan form where I work outside at my job . I don;t want to go outside and tan because my family has a history of cancer, so does anyone know of any good self tanner ? That won't make me turn orange ?


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  • You know what would work? I haven't tried this; if your dress is white maybe don't go for it. do you know that airbrushing stuff from sally hansen? its for your legs; but it could work on shoulders and it dries pretty fast.

    if you have some time I would suggest a moisturizer that gives you a slowly building tan. can't remember the name right now. there's a bunch of them.

    if you have money, go to a tanning place (DON'T DO THE TANNING BEDS), but instead do the spray on tan they have. they do a good job of it.

    hope you look amazing!


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  • Since it's an important occasion, you can't afford to risk doing it yourself and getting streaks or turning orange . I would recommend you go to a tanning salon and ask for some advice as to what method is best for your skin tone and type . You could then get a spray tan or have a professional apply a tanning lotion for you .

  • I am really fair and last year I used the Jergens sunless tanner for fair skin and it worked great . No streaks . Since it's your shoulders though you might want to have someone apply it for you so you aren't blotchy . It took about a week of everyday use for it to work but it looked really natural . They even make one that you can use on your face . Good luck !