Ladies, whats the rating?

I guess this is a thing now... anyway could be interesting.
and you can throw a number out there if you want, but I personally like the more personal touch.

Just worry about the face hence no full body or what ever, I'm satisfied with being 6'2 and 200lb.


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  • You look sweet and have a nice attractive face. I'd say 7.5-8


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  • You have a baby face. Id give you a 6-7

    • HA! Thanks I am always told this, I am in fact currently participating in the no-shave-November to hopefully look a bit older. All the men in may family have baby faces, they say I hate it now, but I'll love it when I'm 40!

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    • Ya, probs why I always only seem to attract girls younger than I am, like 18/19... thanks for the honesty though!

    • Lol yeah well I'm 22... Not very far from 18-19.
      My bf is 34 almost.

  • you're cute, you look nice


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