He always has something to say about what I have on, why do guys do this?

Recently he has to make some kind of comment about my clothes "where are you coming from with that on" or "what was it casual day at work . "

He used to say things like that when HE LIKED ME .

Now he has a girlfriend and he has started back saying these things to me . The time since he had feelings for me and when he got his girlfriend he hasn't said anything . He was the typical guy and did not notice stuff .

Now he had something to say about my hair cut being "too short" and he thought I was dressed to casually for work . Blah blah . He has only made two or three remarks, but I am wondering what he is trying to do . Why do guys do this ?


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  • Guys sometimes try to exert control over their girlfriends or wives this way, by criticizing clothing, hair, etc . Don't know in your case, but I'm guessing it could be a control thing . If I were you, I'd either ignore his comments, or respond by saying "Save it for your girlfriend", and then walking away .

    • I did just that, I ignored him . Well I guess he couldn't get me by spanking me so he had to comment on something . Just another way to control . Thanks again . :0)

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