Why do a lot of women complain about their clothes?

I mean i know a lot of women who constantly complain about wearing high heels, hosiery, make-up etc... Its gets so annoying! And not 100% of women do it, its just a lot of them. I, mean some are fine, so it can't be THAT bad? I just dont get it
Everyone im sorry, this was a troll question. Please im sincerely sorry.


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  • I put mascara on my husband once because I thought it would be funny. I wasn't disappointed. He shouted that it stung "like hell" and he ran into the bathroom to wash it off, at which point he shouted, "it doesn't come off." After sloshing water all down the front of the vanity and onto the bathroom floor, he dried his face, leaving black streaks all over my favorite bath towel and all over his face.
    You should ask him about it. You guys can have a fun little chat.


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  • You go put on a pair of high heels for a day, then we'll talk about why women complain. Are there other alternatives? Sometimes, yes. Hosiery is professional but it's still a pain because it tears so easily.

    You can look nice but it just takes effort. It's the same as guys complaining about shaving.

    • Me put on a pair of heels, lol i dont think so, thats dumb. I just want to know why they complain soo much

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    • It's not extreme if you're sure about your sexuality. You asked why girls complain and I said it's because heels hurt like hell. You want to know why the hurt? Go try them.

    • Still seems a bit drastic...

  • I only complain about taking off my makeup because either 1) it looks super good that day and it's just sad to destroy such a masterpiece 2) I have yet to find a good makeup remover so it takes forever to remove or 3) It's super late and I'm way too tired to remove it but I really have to unless I want to ruin my skin and my pillowcases.

  • Lol. I LOVE wearing high heels and makeup. Tell them to stop whining and stop doing it if it's such a pain in their ass. No one is forcing them to do it. Maybe they should try wearing overalls and wading boots if being feminine is such an inconvenience.


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  • Why do some men complain about getting kicked in the balls? It doesn't hurt that much and despite the fact that I have an abnormally high pain threshold and tolerance I choose to say that everyone else is the one with the problem instead of it just being me.


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