This is awkward but do guys in general (NOT ASSUMING) like girls in skirts?

Dumb question but I got into an argument with a friend. She says guys prefer skirts. I say they are all different and thus its unknown. She thinks I will end up lonely cause I like pants. :p

Once again, a friendly reminder, NO SEXUAL RESPONSES
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  • Depends on the skirt really. Some just make the girl look like a kid which is obviously off putting. Though maybe that won't be an issue for guys your age (I'm 21).

    Relax. I really don't care tbh. XD

    by the way it's nice to know that girls take about utter rubbish too. XD


      Her skirts don't have flowers though

      Haha can't help it

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    • Haha thanks :p anonymouses lol.

    • Thanks for the mh. :)

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