Hey so I got a job as a hostess at a classy high end resturant and wine bar, im suppose to dress up and wear all black, what should I wear?

hi im suppose to dress up nice (in all black) for a hostess position at a very classy high end restaurant and wine bar, what would be appropriate and nice to wear? I go in for Friday , helppppp !!


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  • damn seriously you're gonna work at the worst type of restaurants. :-/

    simply dress in black clothes, if that's what they want, but once you find a better job then throw it all away, those high-class people are really weird


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  • can you go before Friday so you know what other hostess are wearing?

    • I was in there today, and the waitresses were all dressed up in skirts and dresses (black)

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    • I would say dress as such but do not overdress. Don't know your comfort level of whether a dress or skirt, but get something that you feel comfortable.

    • I think what matters most is you well groomed in hair, makeup, and keep a straight posture, eye contact and smile when serving or greeting customers.

  • I don't know where you live, but, where I live, it's below 0


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