What do you girls prefer on a man, long or short hair?

Let me know your opinion and why.
Short hair seems to be the winner for men!

Long hair seems to be the winner for woman!

Thanks for all your opinons!


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  • i wonder why most girls prefer short hair. they're ugly like shit. i had short once many ears ago, and my head was like a potato. long FTW!!!

    • Hahaha prolly the the opposite reason why we like girls with long hair, its a distinguisher between the sexes.

    • i dont give a shit about it i won't cut my hair for any girl, i don't want to make my head look like a potato. longer hair suit me better after all

    • To each his own bro, don't sweat it, I had longer hair as well, like down to my mid back and at work I got hit on my a dude that thought I was a girl, didn't help him that I have a feminine face so I cut mines short so no confusion.
      I do prefer longer hair like you:)

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