How do I look to everyone?

Might as well try this:
Since Summer I've started exercising and losing weight and I've dropped jean sizes from a 6 to a 2. And I've been losing tummy fat as well.

I'm curious to hear everyone's opinions and the rating system is 1-10.
I'm finally a size 0 now, but still need to lose tummy fat.


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  • You look cute in your dress. Congrats on the weightless!

    I would recommend changing your focus now from weightless to "fat" loss and overall physical health.

    Being "thin" seems like it's about being skinny. This is a trick super models tell us.

    In reality women become more attractive the more "fit" they are. And being slimmer is a side effect of fitness.

    When a woman's heart and lungs are healthy, and she's feeling good about her body, it comes across in her mood, her appearance, her clothing choices, her posture, and even her voice.

    A man doesn't logically decide if someone is attractive.. his emotional body tells him. And we guys are most influenced by a woman's body language and emotional vibe.

    If you're healthy and happy you'll vibrate with it. You'll be more friendly. You'll smile a little more. You'll flirt more. You'll hold your gaze longer. You'll wear slightly sexier clothes.

    All because your body will be strong and confident.

    And that's super attractive. A woman who feels good about herself is what draws us guys in, even if she's big and round and over weight.

    So now I recommend measuring your fitness levels, instead of your weight on a scale. The weight will adjust to your fitness. So maybe start making fitness goals, like jogging on a treadmill for 20 minutes without stopping, or jogging 4 miles in 40 minutes. Or doing 20 pushups without stopping.

    This website is great for learning workouts and goals around fitness:

    You look good, keep up the great work!

    ~ Robby

  • First of all, a size zero is not healthy. Even a size 2 is questionable. That picture hides your body. I am not saying pose nude, but something form-fitting would help others answer your question. Why do you feel you have to be a size 0? Also, are you bulemic or anoerexic? If so, you are hurting youryeslf to be accepted. GEt to a happy weight - there are many men who like women who are all sizes. It is not body fat or the lack-thereof that makes you attractive, there are many things and one is liking yourself AS YOU ARE.

    • Hey, I'm a size zero and I'm very healthy. Maybe she has a small build. If so, a size zero can be healthy.

    • it depends on your bmi. my sister is only 4'11 and she is 20 years ols and she is a size 0 and very healthy. And aslo how much muscle you have. Muscle can easily make you a healthy size 0 becasue muscle takes up less space than fat so you can weigh a lot but still have a small waist

    • Im only 5ft talk not anorexic or anything.

  • You look like a nice girl, I don't find you attractive though. Not that you're ugly or anything; just not my type. It's good that you've lost weight!

    I'd say


  • Congrats on losing all that weight. The picture you chose is horrible. The mirror is dirty, the outfit doesn't show off a slim figure, and that angle going up is not flattering.

    • Yeah pro photos can go a long way. Might be worth biting the bullet and getting some good headshots taken by a professional photographer. Makes a world of difference.

    • Even learn how to take a decent selfie.

  • YOU LOOK HAPPY! And that is all that matters. humans are quite forgiving with looks, and are actually more attracted to happy confident people than good looking. Yes you do look good, but not necessarily because of all the weight you lost. but because of the confidence and happiness you have gained from it! so yes it is working you do look better, because it makes you happy. the better you feel about yourself, the better you seem to others! soo keep at it! keep continuing to make your self look better (in your eyes) for that's all that matters. Once you find your self trying too hard, and depressed because you cannot achieve an Ideal body, that is when you need to stop, and Accept who you are. but as long as you are happy with what choices you are making, then you will naturally become more attractive to everyone around you :)

  • Here is what you look to everyone:

    Gender: Female
    Head: has hair, has face has glasses
    Height: not certain, tall?
    Mouth: has teeth
    Body: has shirt
    Picture: dark

    Glad I helped.

  • Hi, I'm gonna be brutally honest, just because I would like to help you out, if you take offense towards my comment, please ignore it then. First, your hair should be straight long, if that's possible, that look doesn't suit you at all. Secondary, maybe you could try out some different types of glasses or get contacts. I can't see much from one picture that's side-ways. Anyways, enough with the criticism, congratulations on your fat loss, keep on improving.

    • Just because you like long straight hair, doesn't mean every female must have hair like that.

    • I'm pretty sure if you ask guys, 90 % of them would agree on long-hair. I ain't trying to change you girl, I'm just sharing my opinion.

    • He didn't say every female must have long straight hair. I agree, she would look better with long straight hair

  • Well all the fat U have lost is Awesome , but what has it left U'r figure looking like? Do U still have BooBs , they are made up of fat aswell & some girls lose them when they lose weight. Guys like BooBs a lot so its important that U still have some to grab A guys Attention with Baby !!

  • You look old! Your hairstyle does not suit you at all.

  • Congratulations on the weight loss, sincerely, but neither the hairstyle not the clothing is very flattering, and because the mirror is dirty and the lighting not so good I can't really comment on your face.

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  • Are you really "18-24"? I don't mean to be rude, but you look at least 30+ in that picture. Of course, that could just be because of you style right now. Your outfit doesn't show your figure so you don't look like a size 0-2 there. I won't rate you but I definitely think you have a ton of potential and it's really great that you've lost weight, you should be proud of yourself for that :)

    I would simply suggest maybe growing your hair out a bit longer and styling it differently, also maybe get contacts or if you don't want contacts, new glasses frames would probably look better also.

  • You do all that hard work to be slim and healthy but if you're doing it for the approval of onlookers you'll never keep the fat from coming back. Asking to be rated online by strangers shouldn't even count. Do you feel good, because really that's all that matters.

    • I feel good. I'd feel better if my crush wasn't ignoring and dad wasn't threatening to kick me out.

    • You have a really pretty smile, it's your best feature. Keep smiling :)

  • I'm disappointed to see quite a lot of the top, well known gaggers being negative about how you look. There's no point saying that you look older, especially when the emphasis was on your weight loss.
    We constantly tell girls on this website to stop being insecure, to be confident with how they look. So why when there is a young woman who is smiling, who looks confident in her self and her achievement- you knock her?

  • u don't look like a size 0 to me!
    one doesn't put such a pic for rating, u can do better than that.

    u need to redo ur hair in a different way and change ur glasses and wear better clothes. this pic is 4/10 but u can reach 7/10 easily

  • from a size 6 to a size zero in 17 days? Yeah right! You must be delusional. If you lost any weight at all, well congrats on that, but you did not go from a 6 to a 0 in 17 days.

  • Am I the only one who is seeing the before pic?

    What is the link for the after pic?

  • Ahhh!! What is wrong with these people! And don't let others tell you who you are! They have no right! This is making me so sad reading all of these comments. I wanna throw up! If you expect people to rate you, they aren't gonna be that accurate. The only person who can judge yourself is you. Congrats on the weight you lost, but none of these people know who you are. This is what I don't understand. You should be happy with who you are and when you do that, screw the haters!

  • honey you're cute. and good for you for making the effort to better yourself. I would focus on core strength exercises for your body and that will help you tone your tummy. there's lots of different things you can do to do that and a little everyday will make a difference. take care sweetie.

  • the fact that the picture was not upright just... oh well :P well, how do YOU think you look? i think your figure is ok since you said you've been exercising and losing weight. and you HAVE dropped quite a bit in size. i don't know how you were before, but this should be quite an improvement. continue exercising and eating healthily though, and NEVER go on a diet. only a diet away from unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy foods. but maybe take a bit better care of your hair? it looked a bit unhealthy in the picture... so maybe right now you are a 5. this question is totally unrelated, but do you watch sailor moon? (based on your profile pic :P)

    • Yes, I do watch Sailor Moon. And I think I look good but I just want to get rid of tummy fat and drop down to a size 0.

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    • lol, thanks :)

    • No problem! 😊

  • You're a 4/10.

    I'm sure you probably look better... but the pic doesn't do you any justice.
    It's a horrible photo.

    On the contrary,
    Congrats on ur weight lost.

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