Is it me or does Europe have the best musicians?

Or maybe is just the fact that my favorite type of music is dominated by Europeans, which is of course I talk about all the genre falling under electronic music. correct me if I’m wrong but I once told House and Techno were once America as they were both created here in America under African-American communities, but it wasn’t long till the Europeans not only dominated both of these genres but they also elevated them to a whole new level. along the way they created more sub genres out of these music, Trance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Break Beats being a few of them.

I seriously don’t know if it’s me or does it always sound like European music is always ahead of its time. I think Europeans even do better under our genre of music as in the past I’ve heard a few European musicians and disc jockeys composed hip hop/rap beats from my point of view sound a lot better than what our musicians here in America do. They even mix the elements of our music a lot of the times with theirs and still sound outstanding.

But anyways, what are your thoughts on European music? Do you think they are better than us yourself?

I also must not forget that a few of the big genres in America were actually created by the Europeans. Pop and heavy metal being two of them and I think punk rock might be another.


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  • I wouldn't say the "best music" but they certainly have a quality to the music they create that resonates with people all over the world, people under many different circumstances and walks of life. I can only speculate as to what it is.


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  • Dood! Ur dead wrong. I can prove u wrong that Japanese have the best musician ever existed!

  • The homeland of techno music is Detroit basically.

    But generally yeah, UK particularly has the best music around the world. The 80s was the best decade for Brtish music ;-)

    • yea and House is Chicago's

    • but yea they stood pretty tall in the 60s too with The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Lead Zeppelin, etc. and in the 90s they didn't when down that easy either with the Spice Girls, and a few other dance hits

    • in the 90s there was the Britpop movement with bands like Pulp, Blur, Oasis, Suede, etc

  • I have personally not heard any good metal band from outside of Europe...


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