My Barber ruined my hair?

ok , so i`ve been going to this barber for 16 years , so , i haven`t had a haircut since September because i wanted my hair to grow , so , yesterday i went to cut the sides and he asked if i wanted to do anything on the top and i said no , but he brought the volume scissors and started cutting , he said that this is just for volume and won`t affect the total length , i lost a lot of hair , the problem is , i can`t tell him that he fucked up pretty bad , he is a friend of mine and the family and he is the best in my town , the closest good barber is 80 KM away , i had a haircut in an another country but he fucked it up too.


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  • You have to tell him we do things my way, I am paying you to do what I want you to do. I am an adult now not a kid.


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  • Yikes. I'd recommend a great barber for you but I don't think you'd want to travel that far!

    • Where is he? Hhhhhhhhh

  • im a girl with curly hair
    i know all about hairdressers ruining ppls hair lol

    but the thing is sometimes when you and the barber and personal friends and stuff he is used to doing something to your hair he might repeat it sometimes
    other times he did something that might not have the best effect now but will do wonders later


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  • The only difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is two weeks.


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