Why girls don't admit they look bitchy, when they look bitchy when I say they look like bitch and call me asshole. Some facts are facts, not insults?

Hello, my topic sounds probably "too" aggressive but I say it loud and proud. First of all:
What I describe as "bitchy": Wearing clothing, sexually too much attentive. Can be mistaken as a high "standard hooker".
As a man it is easy to have a "reaction" to a womans looks. Nowadays we all know it for sure what I mean, i. e. we walk in the downtown and see all the "fashion" girls. A man´s live, escpecially a young man, be become easily "hard":
Now to my point. When I talk to a girl who looks sexy and looks like she want´s sexual attraction and I tell her: "what you wear is tight. With that pants (hotpants, yogapants) it looks like you wear nothing. With that deep cut of your shirt, there is much cleavage." after I think or say things like that they get bitter and are offended and see me like an asshole. I am a gentleman with nice girls I am nice. and with ruge girls I am nice, too. And sometimes simply direct with no intention to insult.
I mean "why do this kind of girls offenden by a fact? a FACT?"
They never ever seem to think what they are causing. and... if they know. that is offensive and provocating. do they never selfreflect and think: "maybe he is right. maybe i should change my looks and behavior." or "he is right. I am a bitch. So i won´t be offended."

if someone says I am like that and that in appearenc to others, in a good sense I think about it, reflect it, and try to change the not so correct things on myself.

Is it all like in the minds of girls like "Fuck off. I do what I want." even though I am an asshole.
really... hate that.


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  • Well that's your opinion but they're going to do what they want anyway because it's they're life... and you don't have to voice all of your opinions... it is okay to keep some to yourself


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  • That's your opinion - not a fact. And they don't agree with it. Also, if you want to go around telling people your opinion on what they should wear and what type of person they look like, then be ready to handle their own opinions on you, and what kind of person you are for saying those things.

    • You know? We are in the internet. It is supposed to be able here to ask questions. Aswell you are judjing me. Without knowing my situation. Well I said it in general. But to be precise: That same girls I see everyday (HS class) and it get´s really on my balls. Can´t they be... more decent adequate?

    • You asked why they don't admit they look bitchy, and call you an asshole for telling them they do. All I did was answer that and give a little advice. They don't agree that they look bitchy, and they think you're rude as hell for making comments about the way they look. I'm also just letting you know that judgement is not a one-way street. If you're going to verbalize judgements about them based on their looks, expect that they'll respond and have their own opinions on you for saying such things.

  • you are attracted to "bitchy looking women" but you are insecure and perceive rejection from them, so you preemptively strike out at them with insults and attacks on their appearance. why would a woman change her appearance to suit a guy she most likely doesn't give a shit about anyway? would these girls want to date you? would they even speak to you if you hadn't spoken to them first? it sounds like that's the only way you can get a goodlooking womans attention

    • good looking and bitchy looking is way two diffrent things. you kind of insult here the womankind.
      that is not what I am saying.
      no. I don´t insult. I ask rationally but it can really get on nerves if they can´t simply give an answer.

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    • honestly I don't really believe that. because in one question you're saying how you can't talk to a group of girls because they scare you, and the next you're saying that hot girls actually approach you and you diss them because of how they dress. sorry I just don't buy it

    • Well the other group is with other kind of girls who are not like the ones you defending here.
      There are different topics.

  • Who are you to tell other people how to dress? Mind your own business.

    • I try to mind my own busines. I do. But is is something different when that same girl is jumping everyday before my face. So she minds MY business and my environment.

    • He's not telling them how to dress, but he is verbalizing unwarranted observations. Like my dad always said "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

  • Wow you are so full of yourself, fuck off!

  • https://i.giphy.com/AVnRd5n1KWCOs.gif

    Of course she'll do what she wants.


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  • It means that they can't see themselves past their own perspective. Shallow would be a good word to describe it. We live in a "me" generation and if something doesn't sound like what they want to hear, you're an asshole. When really, they're just ignorant.

    • yeah. that makes sense. "only my ego" time.
      it is like everyone goes his way in any chaotic direction.

  • Without even reading any more text than just your title, I can say you are an asshole. Just because you think their clothing style looks like that, doesn't mean it actually does, to her or other people.

    • me? an asshole?
      So you logic is: just because one drank so much lying in his own vomit, it doesn´t mean he actually drinks.
      what kind of logic is that?

    • You are twisting the whole point.
      How one dresses and looks is entirely based on opinion and thoughts.
      If one lies in their own vomit due to drinking, it's a fact that he/she drinks.

    • Okay. Okay. I compare it: "normal" girls can now look like hookers did Ten Years ago with the latest fashion.
      So... what´s next with fashion?

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