Do I look really tired or depressed?

Hello friends!
I am 25 year old girl in college and people are mostly like ''oh you look tired'' ''you look unhappy what's up?'' ext. Even i feel ok with myself they tell me i look like that ext and it annoys me because they say it in the morning and i get the negative energy even when i feel ok! ^^
Actually people told me this all the time so when i look in the mirror i began to see a person like they said. For example even in this pic they say i don't look happy and i am trying to be?
Do you have any tips how to make up? I have long dark black hair (natural), brown eyes, a long face and brunette skin (I'm Turkish). Any help to change how i look would be good...
update: this a 'coloured' pic. (But i was pretty happy that day with my pasta so don't know if that counts :)


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  • You look tired. It's not your fault, your eyelids are larger and heavier seeming so it adds to your exhausted look and there are a few other minute elements that add shadowing to the face which gives the illusion of darker than present natural lines under the eyes adding to that tiredness. Make up isn't going to really fix this, you can lighten the area under the eyes, but that will only reduce the shadows, and you can shrink your eyelids with [forgot the color] which will make you look more awake and aware but again only to a point.

    You can't beat physiology. You however can use it, because you have the larger eye set you can come across as more caring by accentuating them, somewhat sly by managing and emphasizing the natural height and actually darkening the area around the eyes with thin lines, and you can use your eyes to create sexual propositions by taking away from the eyes and drawing to the general shape of the face with a light blush application giving the natural shape more presence but not making it overpowering.

    I'm so weird.

    • Hahah thank you! You are right, can't beat physiology :)) I will try your tips, let's give it a try...

    • If you are depressed though do not try to cover it up, thanks.

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  • You should show a color pic, not black and white. Then we can see better and suggest something.


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  • Not knowing you will not give the best opinions
    but this photo reminds me of friends exhausted but either recovering from the ordeal or temporarily acting like they are feeling better

    These reporters many have seen you normally more happy than this and don't realize/care such a report is a self-fulfilling prophesy

    The only help you require is a 2 day vacation to self-satisfy your whims, especially sleep, exercise, healthy food and NO stress from such reporters as these.

    • Ah thank you. You don't know me but you are right, i am more depressed nowadays (always been like this!) so didn't realize the situtation reflected my appearence until these reporters :) I am still trying to recover but not using medication or something.. Trying to stand up on my own :) I need a vacation really, thank you...

    • ... exercise always works

    • Yes i never excercise, shame.

  • How's your posture? I met a girl this morning (just a random person) and she looked so "closed". Tight lipped, looked at the floor, had a slight slump when she walked, dragged her feet. She was pretty hot which was weird. Anyway, in her case, lift your head up and smile;)

    • Ah it might be true! My mom and brother always tell me my posture should be cooler than this :D Thank you i will try to lift my head up :)

    • Even if you don't feel like it, walk like you have supermans cape on your shoulders;)

    • Hahah ok i will try my best : )

  • You just have the typical Arab sort of drab oppressed for thousands of years look about you.

    • Hahah aww you made me laugh thank you :D But we are not like arabs... I live in Turkey and Turkish people are not like oppressed in Turkey! Especially against racism :)

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    • I used to be best friends with an Afghan dude who looked pretty much exactly like you. Obviously without the feminine qualities. For example if you told me that you and he were siblings, I wouldn't doubt it for a second.

    • Of course we are connected! Like France and English people look like each other to us, or Asian countries. I get it, don't worry.

  • depressed with that smile? HELL NO!!!

  • You look both attractive and like a nice person. You do not look tired or depressed to me. It's difficult to tell complexion from b/w photos but IF you've got darkness under the eyes (sign of fatigue) you can use a bit of touche eclat to brighten it. My mum left some round my flat after she came to visit and doesn't want it back... it's good shit, I cover spots with it sometimes! lol.

    Maybe they want to hear that you are tired or depressed for some reason. Guys sometimes do this to girls because they want to feel like a shoulder to cry on, it's a tool to get closer. Mind you, I've had this said to me before, if people won't leave it alone I end up getting a bit pissed and telling them to eff off!

    • Ah i get your point. But mostly it's girls telling me it... Guys don't break my heart just like those mean women! lol ah i act like i don't care to them -like you said eff off! :). Thank you for your advice and compliments.

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  • You looked tired


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