Make-up and stuff, advice please <3?

Hey girls, this is awkward but I my self esteem is really low concerning my looks, and a friend of mine said that I could start using make-up, not just a little mascara but foundation, moisturizer ETC... But I don't know what to use, when to use and how to use it! Haha this sounds all so dumb but I know nothing about this! What make-up do you use? And how much money should I / do you spend?


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  • I think you should go search videos in YouTube !! They will show you step by step.. :)

    • In the 1st time using make you would be uncomfortable. So I think you should start by using eye liner. Then you can go liitle by little. Use more make up.

    • yeah but youtubers use tons of products of mac and other expensive brands...

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