Is it normal and ok to continue to play with toys, and to like toys, forever?

The title says it all, so is it ok to continue to play with toys, and like toys, forever? So I'm 17, and I play with toys, and love toys. And I wanna do that forever. From time to time, I play with my toys a lot, and am desperate to get cool new toys. I make stories playing with toys, and it's just awesome to get a cool new toy. With all those stories, I bet I could make comic drawings of my toys, stop motion animation of them, or toy videos (Super Mario Logan demonstrates toy videos very well.). I don't do it very often, like I don't do it everyday, that would be pretty boring, but I do it occasionally and once in a while, like at least once a weak. The most days I would play with toys is 1 day yes, 1 day no. I just love toys. Equally as much as I love watching stuff, eating, gaming, playing sports, and especially drawing. Toys just feel like awesome animated characters, in real life, just staying still, sometimes shrunken down a bit. They literally look like animated characters just jumped out of the TV or computer screen, to the real life world, and that's so awesome to me. It's also fun to make drawings of my toys. And toys also remind me very much of my childhood. And when I think of a Christmas present or birthday present, a really cool toy is 1 of the very 1st things that come up. However, I'm worried that it's not normal and not ok, if it is. I was ok with all of this without minding, till others started bothering me about it. Only like my family and 2 friends find it normal and ok. Every1 else, no. Others keep saying stuff like "You still play with toys? Every1 I knew stopped playing with toys at like 8. Are you mentally disabled or something? I can't understand you liking and doing something that I grew out of when I was 8!" and some perverted friends like Eli said "Wow, you're so lame dude. Unless they were sexy toys of naked girls... nope, just nope. You suck, are you gay and retarded?". And it's been bothering me. So is it normal and ok?
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I'm greatful with these answers, but they are so few. More would be nice.


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  • I'm 21 and a senior in college. One day my mother came in my room when I was home visiting. I had my old horse barn set up with the pasture and was playing ranch with my horse figurines. And eating ice cream. Told her I decided I was no longer an adult. Sometimes you just need to revert to childhood for a bit.

    • Lol, funny and entertaining scenario. I would pretty much do the same thing, and I agree. It doesn't feel right being the age I really am all the time.

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  • well iv got stuffed toys on 3/4 corners of my room and i truly dont care if it's weird or not lol. I'm 20.

  • You should do what you like to do. And if that is playing Toys is fun. Then keep doing it :) ..


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