Any good hairstyle ideas and tips for shoulder length hair?

So I've been trying to grow out my hair for two years and it has been stuck at this really annoying length at the shoulders.
I get it trimmed often but it doesn't seem to be helping it grow.

The thing is for school I always put it in a low ponytail or keep my hair down but it's starting to really bore me as I have the same hairstyle everyday.
It's too short for proper braid/bun and too fine to make something really awesome out of it.
Any hairstyle tips or ideas I can use? Even a site about it would do.
And I'm not really very fancy so I would prefer something more rustic and messy.


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  • Get some long layers. I had long hair forever and finally got long layers after getting sick of it. I get compliments all the time! I wish I'd been brave enough to cut it off sooner!

    • I might give this a go, depending on anything else I can find :)

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