What is my ideal look for my measurements?

I have been having some trouble attracting guys. I am a girly girl who is 5'2, and I weigh 110 lbs. I am a small girl, but my measurements are 37-24-36. I am naturally a brunette with slightly wavy hair and I consider myself to be attractive. I am considering dyeing my hair blonde, but I'm just not sure. I am trying to find a boyfriend, but I always seem to be overlooked by guys, so I am trying to do something to attract more guys. I tend to wear a lot of dresses in the summer and then tighter clothes in the winter to show off my larger bust and butt, but I want to know if I should change up my look to try to draw more attention.


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  • A petite girl with large breasts and a nice butt? How are you not being suffocated by guys looking to make you theirs (or, at the very least, try to get you in their bed)? I guess it all comes down to your face and personality.
    If I liked your personality and I was feeling courageous I'd definitely ask you out if you were in my area :p. If anything, I'd recommend you ask a guy out instead of waiting for them to approach you. Both girlfriends I've had asked me out so it isn't quite as insane a concept as it was many eons ago.


What Girls Said 1

  • There's no "ideal" body. What you weigh and measure is based on your BMI and bone structure.


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