So is it ok to want to be famous and wealthy and still be able to maintain your health?

well if your an Devoted artists and a publish poet and you'd like to make living of your craft you'll understand this.

you want a fan base and you want to be able to make living on your own.

every person you ever worked for once had the same idea.

are going live life without a plan and uncertainty.

I think like a million and I take risks. .

some of us have plans right?


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  • Yes it's ok


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  • I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a better constructed paragraph.


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  • not in English anyways

  • Published*** hope that poet has a good editor.

    • have published any of your writing?

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    • Funny how I don't see you on that list, also I see that most of those writers didn't have the benefit of modern education and spellcheck, funny how you keep trying to find excuses to be a horrid speller and a poser.

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