Girls, please dare me?

Hi i know this question is weird. Please don't judge. But girls could u please dare me to wear a really girly outfit of your choice for a whole day. Im a teen guy crossdresser and i want to see whats its like to dress like a girl. So choose anything you wish. Have fun with it too if you want!


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  • Girly outfit. Always a dress or skirt of some type. Maybe something floral, or very body fitting. Red is always a good color. Accessories and makeup, and heels (pretty wedges)

    • Okay thank u :)

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    • Haha yeah, we don't want you falling! And honestly, I have no clue at all on where to start. Maybe you can just type in wedges in Google or something. Sorry I'm not much of help. with that!

    • Thats fine :). I looked some up. I found some good ideas so thank you :). Definitely a good suggestion with wedges

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  • Dresses are really comfy am a boy and am wearing one in my pp do it


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