What going to be your reaction when you see me at American music award one day?

its going happen one day, your going to see me perhaps or someone you once meet who was in your local music scene ,. they going be on stage receiving some award.
the real question is
do believe anyone in your local music scene will ever be big?

think about in your life time you most meet thousand of people.


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  • First, shocked.. but the happy shock of a friend making good on their dream

    then.. shock.. that I'm even watching the AMA's


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'll be there in the crowd going absolutely nuts. And if Kanye even tries to snatch the mic from you during your acceptance speech, you will all witness a live murder on air.


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  • Shock, amazement, shame- in that order.

    • I knew one guys from grade school who did get signed and he had great production carrier.

  • Oh please go away. We were never happier to see the back of an idiot.


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