Blind date coming up, how do I look?

I haven't been on a date in well... I don't even really know what a date is lol. A little nervous, but yeah on a scale 1-15 what would you rate me?


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  • Try growing your hair out more. You would look really good if the top was longer and the sides and back were about 6mm. Then style it to one side. Hit the gym and grow those muscles. You would look better in that shirt if you had muscles. Also boys wear t-shirts men wear v-necks


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think your cute, but yeah shave the beard, that will definitely help. Oh and I don't rate men.

    • I have wondered this for awhile... does the shaven man come first or the girlfriend :P

    • Omg I'm sooooo sorry, I was really tired and I didn't take into account the no shave November, I respect you so much for trying to raise cancer awareness, that just made you even hotter to me:)

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  • I would shave the beard if I where u lol.

    • I kind of lied in the description... I was more wondering if the plain black tee would stand out. No shave November is going strong in my group of friends, but my date is in December sooo lots of time. But I will definitely remember to go clean shaven!!

    • Hahaah ohh..
      Yeah I think it looks fine, good luck dude lol.

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