Why do girls prefer selfies with their smartphones?

There will be a lot of selfies of girls with smartphones in their hands But why do they so?
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  • I take selfies just because I'm bored sometimes. It's also a confidence boost when I get a picture of myself that makes me look really good instead of how bad I usually look in my photos.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I rarely ever take selfies anymore
    I get someone else to do it LOL

    • Hahaaha...

      good sense of humour :)

      But still there are many selfies. I don't know how do they take them (self or by others).
      But what is thinking behind that.
      Do they feel more sexy or appealing in that?
      Thats what my question was :P

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    • you are interesting :)

      I am following you lady.

    • lol all right then

  • Yes I like and I have many selfies. Just took them for fun.

  • Good question, ummmmm, not sure lol

    • You should ask your friends if they do so.

      Well, I will always be here for good questions :P

    • ok I'll do that and let you know what they say.

  • Selfies are my enemy. -.-


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