Makeup Help! Looking for everyday makeup advice?

my face for reference

I never wear any makeup, only a little mascara if I feel like it. I want to start wearing more makeup or anything to help me look a little better on a daily basis. I am such a newb when it comes to makeup. Just assume I know nothing cause I pretty much don't.
Does anyone have advice for me? Like what I should buy or do or anything lol Looking for advice on daily makeup and something a bit fancier for a date or dinner. I attached a photo of myself so you guys can recomend what colors would work well with my skin and yeah.. pls help
Also, my friend did my eyebrows a few weeks ago but I feel like she did them too dark (not shown in photo). any eyebrow advice?
I'll take any and all advice I can!


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  • You have pretty good skin so you probably won't want to wear foundation... is it oily, dry, or combination? And how much makeup do you want to wear? Do you have an updated picture of your eyebrows?

    • This is the most updated picture. My skin is fairly soft and smooth but gets oily around my nose and between my eyebrows. I'm thinking maybe just eyeliner, something for my lips and I have no clue how to fill in my eyebrows

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    • For skin, maybe just a powder to help with the oiliness and helps even out your skin tone. You don't really have anything to cover up on your face so I personally don't think foundation is necessary.

    • Sorry I keep posting and then thinking of stuff haha but about the eyebrows, I suggest powder because it looks more natural. I have really sparse eyebrows and once I started filling them in it made me look so much better. You just need to find an eyebrow powder that is about the same color as your eyebrows, and a good eyebrow brush (it's angled). Then just look up YouTube tutorials. Plus, practice makes perfect! I've gotten really good at filling in my brows.

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  • This feels like a hidden rate me question. Maybe its because you're pretty. Lol. I have no use here.


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  • You are prettyyyyy don't wear thick make up :)

    I think mascara, light coral blusher and coral lip gloss would look great on you :)

  • Well this is the order you should do your makeup:

    -Foundation/BB Cream
    -Blush (these 3 are optional)
    -Brow pencil

    That's the way I do it and when it comes to brands well you can get drugstore brands which some are very very good and high end brands as Bobbi Brown, M. A. C, Hourglass, Stila, NARS, Benefit, Urban Decay, etc.


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