Any guys on here got waves?

How do you cut your hair with or against the grain
What kind of brush do you use
Durag or wave cap
What kind of hair product do you use
How much do you brush


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  • Well I'm a girl obviously lol, but it does depend on your hair. Some types will just wave easier or with less effort than others. Some people, durags work best, some people need product only.
    The most common one I see work though, is using the green or blue dax or other waxy kinda grease or a good pomade and durag while they go to sleep.
    For cutting, people always say go with, but if you're going really low, going with the grain and then against it for the final go over looks best to me and gets more even much more easy.
    For a brush, get a bristle brush maybe. You can get ones with harder bristles on one side and softer on the other, because sometimes you might need different ones. Like the harder side is best for taming the more unruly strands and the softer side can just finish it up without using too much brush.
    Always moisturize your hair to. Not just a grease, but actual moisturizer. When your hair is well moisturized it always looks and feels better and is much easier to make it look good and style well.


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  • Get a light perm


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