Fashion Tips for a 33 year old man?

I know very little about fashion, but would like advice on what to wear. I am 33, 6'4" with a shaved head, I'm a little overweight, but not huge, I also have broad shoulders and blue eyes.
Any fashion tips would be appreciated.


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  • Are you talking suits or casual wear? Or both? I worked in menswear for four years.

    • Mainly causal wear, but sort of smart casual, although any input on suits you have too will be appreciated.

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    • I see. One thing I like to do is wear a black or grey t-shirt underneath a casual button-up sportshirt; roll up the sleeves while you're at it. I'll wear that with jeans and boat shoes. I'm also a fan of Henley shirts.

      As far as suits go, you can't go wrong with a solid black (or with light pinstripes). Do that with a solid white or light blue spread collar shirt. You could also do a French blue shirt as well. I find that opens up other options for ties. When you do pick a tie, I'd recommend something blue, purple, yellow/gold, or grey for any of the shirts. I'm a fan of striped and geometric patterns. Lastly, learn the full double-Windsor knot. It looks awesome :-)

    • nice one, thanks for your advice.

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