Which wig will look good with my skin color?

I want a lighter hair color so please do not say anything stupid like dark brown or black because my real natural hair color is sandy brown. Or say something dumb like what's wrong with your natural hair because my hair is down to my back and bleach and color damaged my hair
My skin color (please paste without spaces) http :/ /oi61. tiny pic. com /9h5c43 . j p g
Wig color 1 htt p:// www. sassysecret. com/ Synthetic -Lace-front- wig-p/4268 . htm
Wig color 2 http :/ / www. sassy secret. com/ Synthetic-L ace-front -wig-p/4263. htm
Wig color 3 http ://www. sassysecret. com/ Synthetic-Lace-front-wig-p/4277 . htm
Wig color 4 h t t p :/ / www. sassy secret. com/ Synthetic- Lace-front -wig-p/4281 . htm
Wig 5 h t t p :// w w w. sassysecret. com/ Synthetic- Lace-front- wig-p/ 4258 . htm
Wig 6 h t t p :// www. sassy secret. com / Synthetic-La ce-Wigs- p/ 4519. htm
Go to sassy secret dot com and click on synthetic wigs under lace wig collection
Those are the wigs I'm choosing from on Black Friday


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  • Ughhh That was a struggle ! but anyways i think you should go for the 20" Fine Yaki with Bangs color #7/12 , and by the way snady brown is stunning ! you are very lucky !!! :)

  • This is way too much work, send me the unbroken links to my account or someone post the links. I enjoy helping people pick out wigs.


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