Girls, please help with costume?

Okay so i finally got permission from my parents that i can dress up as a girl. My sister invited me to a cheerleading party with her friends, as long as I dress up as a hot girl cheerleader for the party. I really really want to go, but i dont know all the stuff i need to wear, what style, brand, even places to look. Please im begging u all to help me. I really want to dress up, but dont know where to start. Please id love links, suggestions... anything just please help me get a hot cheerleader costume. Thank u all so much :)


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  • Trolling much?

    • Trolling? Please no... i need help...

    • In not trolling, please im serious :'(

  • 0_o never heard dis one before

    • Huh? This one what?

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    • Omg... okay i cry a lot have mood swings, enjoy girly activities, enjoying socializing... so much stuff. Plus dressing as a girl is more fun

    • I'm an easy cryer too, so don't worry about that. Enjoying socializing is normal for both genders. You're under 18 which means you're going through some crazy feelings, it's normal so don't convince yourself you want to be a girl. If you still want to though... I can't really help.

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