Why do guys give flowers on dates?

Okay, haa so dating recently. Why do guys bring the flowers? I know its a sweet gesture, you are just trying to do right . but why flowers? there pretty. Its just so over used. Personally I wouldn't mind if I didn't even get the flowers, I don't think they need to spend their money on me to begin with, but on the subject on flowers, how come? why not a rental and popcorn, maybe some wine...ahhh it all sounds so cliche' hahaa


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  • All guys are different. My mom taught me to :). Flowers are sensual, pretty. They say style, not materialism. But without my moms input, it never made sense to me either.

    • I know right. its liek they come to the door and you almost don't nkow what to say. well "thank you" obviously I thank them for it. but I don't know what to do fromt here. I have never been the girly type, I would personally rather him show up witha burnt cd. lol...im no fun. I see other girls get so bubbly and weird when they get flowers.. "Oh he got me a dozen roses" "It was so sweet" lol...maybe I just don't get it..

    • Well either start liking flowers or be honest and say. Wow how thoughtful, I am not into flowers much... but since they are from you I will enjoy them. It will have the nice effect of embarassing the guy a little :D; but still be respectful & positive.

    • Alright. I didn't know whether to say anything or something. but next time I'll throw that at him and see what happens thatnks!

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