What are your opinions on unusual hair Colours? For example Any colour of the rainbow like anime?

I personally am going to go blue hair again. Got it bleached the other day. So a question for the girls, what do you think of the different hair colours compared to the natural Brown/Blond/Black/*natural Red*

For example the different colours don't have to be blue it could be pink green red orange or what not.

And would you find them more attractive or no change?

For Guys. Would you date a girl with Fancy hair colours and would you say its a bonus or do you not Care? As well would you ever be tempted to try something your self?

Just started doing the colouring didn't use enough petroleum jelly I am going to have bits of blue skin. As well as fingers due to the plastic glove had holes or small rips EHH.


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  • My opinion: that sort of hair colour is an attention-seeking freak show that screams "she wants to be unemployed", as well as repel well-adjusted intelligent men, the sort who are husband material.

  • Personally I don't like it