Girls, guys, does your work or school dress code involve any mandatory items?

For example: if you're a police officer or an airline stewardess it may be a uniform.
If you're a construction worker it may be a helmet.
In some companies items like a tie or suit for men or a skirt/dress and pantyhose for girls may be mandatory.
Or, exactly the opposite, some items may be prohibited!

Curious to hear what you work/school dress code is!


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  • Safety regulations require steel toe boots high viability vest & a hard hat

    • Oh yes, I regognize that! Although I'm working as a business controller, my employer is a transport company and as soon as people get into a warehouse or near freight, steel toe shoes are mandatory.
      And people who are out on the platform in dark conditions also always wear high visibility clothes.
      A hard hat is not mandatory in our company, except if construction works are in progress.

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    • Thanks for sharing your workware @douride2... most helpful is on the first flight to Canada :-)

    • Thank you so very much

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  • I work in a hotel, usually behind the front desk, and have to wear the company uniform. It consists of a navy blue blazer and skirt or slacks with a pale blue blouse. We're also required to wear hosiery in either navy blue or flesh-tone and navy blue dress shoes with at least a slight heel.

    • Haha, I see! Probably to wear the uniform will not be a problem but the smallest spot on the uniform or damage to the hose is reason for action I suppose?
      I need to wear a tie and suit and I'm fairly clumsy. Always afraid to dip my tie in some food at noon haha :-)

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  • When I was in 11th and 12th grade, we had to wear polos with black, khaki, or blue pants. No jeans were allowed.
    The polos couldn't have designs... Just plain.

  • When seeing a client it's suit and tie.

    • Me too, although I'd rather be seeing collegues. Sometimes a supplier, very rarely a customer.
      But as a business controller, if you want to look credible, a tie and suit are more or less moral obligation!

  • My emp, or requires suit and tie for gentlemen.

    • Oops, what is an emp? Sorry, English is not my mother tongue so it may simply be a word I'm not familiar with :-)

    • Employer. Sorry.

    • Thanks, and of problem of course!

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