Who will provide the best results in obtaining a house... that one intends to keep forever?

The choices below are intended to reflect specialists in the most likely fields, some are NOT licensed?
Think... the property is your favorite all time location and you want to move there and never move again.
(Which saves gobs of money BTW)
  • Realtor
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  • Builder
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  • Engineer
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  • Architect
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  • Other (explain) - or just see results
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Looking for a correct answer to give the MH award, times' a wasting


Most Helpful Girl

  • This could be a trick question to all but a few insiders.
    Of these choices, only the Architect is licensed to be your Boy Scout, crossing this unfamiliar street in the dark with so many profiteers hounding you and friends advising you (blind leading the blind). Of these choices, only the Architect is the least profit motivated and duty bound against profit & kickbacks giving advice. This is the profession that counsels your project holistically from site selection, through design folder wishes, into 3D designs, construction/bid sets, construction inspections as per contract (above City/CODE standards). That said, when choosing an architect, choose residential specialist small firm over commercial, hourly rates over $/sf and the firm that will throw at your project fewest draftsmen, engineers-in-training, et al. ... you want professionals only, if possible.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Really depends on the person sometimes its the cheapest option, other times mane you want to design and build your house. In most cases a reliable and trusted contractor can make all the difference also knowing how to fix the problem your labels will again save lots of money.

    • Granted, the cheap way... like going shopping at Walmart for a wedding/engagement ring... sorry to comment but family is in the business, professionals, tons of degrees, experience Answer is... ARCHITECT.. in this case, get one that specializes in Residential

    • Its fine.

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  • A builder for sure.

    • Why do you think this? From experiences? Please share

    • I used to watch a show about a builder guy and he eventually built his own house and he said he would build it way beyond code. I think those guys know houses the best.

  • builder can be good.

  • A realtor is just around to sell property and turn a profit off it. They're property brokers and don't necessarily know about "long lasting" intents and "forever." Your best bet for getting someone who understands the level of quality and need you're talking about is usually and architect or an engineer with that very precise UL sort of experience. Choice C!


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