Beautifying tips to make yourself look/feel better?

Hi! Just wanted some suggestions on things to do to make yourself look/feel better. I have some ideas so far but let me know if you have any more!
- Straightening/curling hair
- Makeup (Primer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipgloss)
- Exfoliating/Cleanser
- Moisturizing
- Getting plenty of sleep/ hydrating with water
- Posture (Standing up tall)
- Heels... (I need to work on this!)
- Cute outfits... (Any pics of cute/classy outfits?)
- Whitening teeth
- Cute nails

Any other suggestions?


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  • All those are good ideas. But what I like to do is my weekly "spa day". Generally I do it Sunday night to get ready for the week and relax me. I do a deep conditioning hair treatment, facial (cleanse, exfoliate, steam, mask, moisturize), a sugar scrub, and a two step application of baby/coconut oil (whatevers handy) followed by lotion for a super hydrating skin treatment.

    • Oooh that sounds very lovely. I do get the occasional massage which makes me feel good :) Mmmm thanks!

    • It's important to take care of yourself to feel/look your best. I meet so many people that stop trying once they get someone, or they feel in a funk. You have to do it for yourself and no one else, then you glow from the inside out.

    • Oh yes, you're right. I also heard that wearing sexy lingerie helps with the glow by making yourself feel good

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  • The easiest solution is preserving your basic hygiene aka showering every day, maybe washing your hair regularly enough so that it won't be greasy (for girls like every 2-3 days) and just accepting yourself for who you are and learning how to love your appearance and yourself? That seems viable. Who needs makeup and crap when you can have self-esteem?

    • Oh yeah, showering of course.. I kinda took that as a given. And makeup does make a difference when attracting guys at first lol thanks.

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  • finally someone helps me with making myself look better lol

  • Lifting weights helps me feel better about myself... heels on a woman are sexy... gotta have nice muscles in your calves though ;-)

    • Oh yeah, working out hah... that's a big one!

    • You feel great everyday after a good workout and helps you improve yourself

  • Lots of booze. You look prettier to everyone (including you) when drunk.

    • hah at least you're honest!

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