How can I get the guts to ask his name and classification?

Okay, so I just started college last week and I already have a guy that could possibly become a crush. He is very cute but he always looks grouchy? Is there any way I could ask for his name and his graduating class without looking crazy,or getting cursed out? I mean he does look grouchy but who knows...maybe that is just an ahead of time guys.


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  • Just find something small to say (something like, "This weather is something else, huh?") and go from there. If he seems responsive then you can introduce yourself. Good luck!

  • if he looks grouchy, say something funny!

    • Lmao.well I do have an impressive collection of corny jokes....

    • Well maybe he'll find it funny that you think your corny jokes are funny lol!

      he could be putting on a front. I act grouchy or look mean when I'm around a bunch of people I don't know, or in a class with no friends. maybe he's doing the same and he might open up if you're friendly! I know I would :)