Does it matter how many spots she has?

Girls feel very insecure, especially when the have spots. So we tend to spend money in expensive products to cover them up. But does it matter? Do guys really care?


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  • I assume you're talking about facial imperfections. First off, color difference are fine - I find freckles very, very sexy. As far as pimples, we really don't care at all, unless its like a nasty needs to be popped zit, but that's just common sense. Acne, and redness, doesn't matter to us at all, (unless you are dealing with an asshole), real men don't care. If you have a sexy set of hips, that is all that I need to see to be permanently attracted to you. Its about what you would expect.


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  • Do us girls care if the guy has spots or not? Some of us do, some don't. So it'd be the same vice versa


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  • What kinda spots?

    I like perfect skin so... I mean that's standard. There's so much else she has to have beyond that.


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