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I'm thinking of dying some of my hair pink, and I have two questions.
1. Should I dye it? Or not? (answer poll)
2. If so, how should I dye it? all of my hair, streaks in certain positions, etc ... (If you can, please put links in your answer)

It's only a temporary dye.

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  • No, dying your hair is unhealthy.
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  • Make some of it pink, all pink would be a little overkill for a start, I think. See if you like it before fully committing, and if you like the color on you, add more!. Something like this:


    Besides, if you went all pink, your name Goldierocks wouldn't make any sense!


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  • No. Dying your hair is unhealthy! Stay all natural. :)

  • definitely go for it! however i think you should dye the whole thing instead of partial/streaks. in my opinion streaks could look childish but i think fully pink would look great!!

  • Yeah go for it! Pink is a very pretty color

    • Thanks! I'm currently looking into where I should dye it, it I should dye all of my hair, or if I should dye a certain section.