Can an American Asian be considered or be country/redneck?

Could an asain girl who was raised in north carolina, who loves to fish, who loves to go mudding, could be considered country? Could an asain be full on country/redneck (boots, hats, car, etc..)
  • Yes, American Asians have ever right to be country, just like me and you
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  • NO, you have to been raised into that, you can't just be redneck
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  • It is up to you who cares about the haters
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  • An American Asian could be
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  • The term red neck was derogatory term used for poor white people. More recently it has been used as an insult, to attack southern working class conservative morals. It seems that do to southern pride they chose to embrace the word redneck and reclaim it. So I would say no, an Asian can't be a redneck since the term originally carries racist undertones, even though is is mostly used to describe their chosen lifestyle today. I wouldn't be offended if a member of another race called themselves a redneck, but I just don't think it is the correct word choice.

    An Asian can still be country. Being country doesn't have anything to do with race, and is purely cultural. There are country people not only in America, but all over the world of different races. I would say I have met more Hispanics that I would call true country than white people. Most of the white people I know claiming to be country go to the store, buy a Garth Brooks CD, and a pair of boots then *Poof* they are suddenly country. lol


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  • I'd say regardless of genetics, anyone who legitimately has the culture has the culture. Whether raised so as a child, or spending so much time in the culture as an adult that it stuck, I don't see why being Asian should stop someone.

    I know plenty of fake self-proclaimed country/redneck folks who put it on as an act and take it back off just as quickly though. Most of them are white.

  • Sure. Country is a way of life, not a race.

  • If you're from the South, then yeah, but if you're a Northerner trying to be country... then no... it's more about where you were born, not about race at all.


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