How to get rid of sneakers smell?

Rain catched me and i was soaking wet. Sneakers were full of water. Did not have a heater to place them over the night to dry, so they kind of started to smell. Bad.
I washed them when i got home, but the smell still seems to be there. Not that bad, but still there.
What to do? How to get rid of this?


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  • wash them again, and after they're done you stuff them with paper (don't stuff them too hard, or they might loose the shape).
    This might help because it sounds to me like it might actually be mold or fungus (they really love wet shoes), And wahing them makes it better. However you need to dry them relatively fast. A heater or a shoe dryer works best (obviously) but paper works too. Newspapers are just fine (they absorb mosture very effectively). Stuff them, wait an hour, change paper, wait two hours, change paper again, and now leave them for twelve hours. They should be more or less dry. If you got a warm room (especially with heated floor. The bathroom maybe?) then you'll want to place them there. Makes it dry somewhat faster.

    • oh, and i just rememebered. I don't know if it works at all, but some people claim you can reduce odor by putting DRY shoes in the freezer for at least 24 hours.
      Just a thing i've heard, but duno if it works.

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  • Put them out in the sun, if possible for a thorough drying.
    Dr. Scholls sells a foot powder that will take the odor away.
    You will probably need to use it pretty often though for the rest of the time.

    I use it in my Karate slippers.


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