What kinda style looks good on a guy mostly?

I'm talking about clothes here :p


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  • Well first of all smell really good, that is one thing a girl can not get over!!! always smell pleasant. I like it when boys wear tight demin jeans or chinos and a plain white top or cool hoodie with nikes or converse. If you don't want to look like a weirdo please don't wear t shirts with cartoons and things on them just wear plain things and if it does happen to have a print on it, make sure you don't look to babish and dorky. Girls like it more when you are more mature and look like a confident but not cocky guy. If you don't like that style you could still stick with the jeans and shoes but maybe change into a polo or a buttoned up shirt, that can never go wrong.

    • thanks and umm what do u think of denim shorts? and yea I don't wear t-shirts with cartoons n all... I normally wear long sleeve plain shirts with jeans and converse... I'm thinkin of changing so asking... thanks again :)

    • Thanks for MHO

    • Ur welcome :)

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  • the one where he feels most comfortable in and thus is most confident with.

  • Tailored Suit is the best look on any man.

  • not "serious" definetely.


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