I don't wear makeup but I want to start. What are the must haves to buy?

I don't wear makeup but I want to start. What are the must haves to buy?


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  • I don't think there are necessarily must haves- i'd just go with anything that you would feel comfortable doing!! And how long you wanna do it that kind of stuff (cuz some girls take like so long to do their make up when i just do it in like 4 minutes?). I'd say you should try mascara at least- that thing works wonders on eyes i love it so much; but just go with anything that you want to do- also don't go broke buying make up, makeup might be fun but no money isn't

  • in my opinion
    start with pale or natural colored eye shadows before u start using pinks and greens and crazy stuff
    lips a little pale lipstick or gloss that still makes lips pop out
    try pencil eyeliner to start of doing liner before gel and liquid
    light blush that compliments your face
    mascara i have used the rocket by mabelinne for my start
    dont cake to much on those are just must haves in beginning

    • so should i skip foundation?

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    • what about bb cream?
      i'm watching YouTube tutorials and some people seem to recommend that over foundation..
      i have no idea what the difference is...

    • i use bb cream as more of like a bake up or my lazy days
      they make u more natural but since u are new to makeup id rather start with powder before liquid or cream

  • Lipstick, blush, and mascara. If you have good skin then those things will do. I really like wearing eyeliner and I use foundation and concealer. But I'm not blessed with good skin :/

    • i have horrible skin

      do you recommend any brands?

      how do i pick colors?

    • for mascara I really like benefits they're real mascara, two faced better than sex or loreal's voluminous carbon black. As far as colors go chose whatever you feel comfortable with. You can go to stores like sephora and ulta and test the products. I really like berry or red colored lipsticks. But a nice rose always looks good on anyone

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