From my facial features what do you see as my best qualities and how should I enhance them and what are my low points?

since i can't post links
here is my instagram:
instagram. com/xxcallmeangelikaxx

its open by the way


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  • You're very beautiful with mysterious eyes and gorgeous lips. You should enhance your eyes with earth tones if you want to be more versatile, therefore they can be good for intensifying and just for keeping things subtle. Examples would be, gold eyeshadow along with the choices of black, brown and plum eye liners. As for your lips, reds, berry shades and soft pinks (but not overly light like bright frost) lip glosses and lipsticks would look very nice on you. Continue to embrace your beauty, you have no flaws.

    God Bless,



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  • gregorz mietus?

    Poor taste.


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  • Okay, you're cute so I'd stick to minimal make up- mascara, liner (or thin eye shadow in the style of liner) and I think blush would be nice (though all make up is optional, you'd look nice without too). I really like your cheeks, I can imagine you'd get really good apples when you smile, to enhance that, look in the mirror, smile and apply it to the bottoms of your apples- make sure it's rosy, it brings out your lips (which are also cute- blush would enhance 2 in 1)! I used to do it all the time but now I'm allergic to, like, everything! :)

  • You have nice hair and beautiful eyes. Could I make a suggestion? I think you would look so cute with a middle part in your hair.

  • Your pictures are too filtered


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