Has anybody tried peppermint water as a hair mist or second day hair refreshener?

I was just curious because my curls get really bad after they get dry even do I used devacurl my hair looks nothing like the models.
I need a satin pillowcase I been meaning to buy one for awhile now


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  • hi! :D
    i have curly hair and i like to believe i know a thing or two about curls :P

    first things first, can you tell me a bit about your hair routine?

    • I use devacurl line no poo one condition and the light defining gel I use a t shirt and I let my hair air dry and when I deep condition I use mayo or coconut oil.

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    • Don't get me wrong I love my curls I think I'm one of the few girls who grew up loving her curls I never had one bad comment or a traumatic experience instead people who get mad when my hair was straight I just don't get why theirs look nothing like mine they say its frizz free and their curls look together and mine not after I follow the steps.

    • thats great then lol

      and im not really sure :3

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  • I had naturally wavy hair! But that sounds interesting! I've never tried peppermint water, but I've heard that lemon water to tame frizz and add extra shine.

  • use aloe vera juice instead.

    • I tried that before and it made a mess on my hair it look like I had dandruff.

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    • you're welcome. be sure to use it as you would conditioner. rinse with cool water afterwords.

    • No worries I always shower with cold water :)

  • no I never tried that


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