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Kay gentlemen this question is for you! What kinds of things do you guys like in girls?! like do you like the girly ones the guyish ones the smart ones the nice ones the bitchy ones?


Thanks =]


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  • Well, let me see here, I like the girly ones, but not the guyish ones, I like the smart ones, and the nice ones, but not the b**chy ones. Really, all joking aside, no real preference, just as long as she's real and has a good heart, a cool head on her shoulders, and a great personality.


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  • i like a girl whos herself. she's not trying to act all big and buff and feels like she has to be the one with the dick in the relationship. I like a girl who can have fun play out in the mud with me then cleans up puts on a nice dress and can come to meet my parents. I like a girl who has intelligence but I don't want a mrs know it all and I like a girl who knows what she wants and gets it.

    in short my girlfriend is the perfect example of everything I ever dreamed of in a girl

  • Smart, nice, not too girly, but still feminine.

    Self confident, but not self-absorbed.

    The less pink the better.


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