Guys, What is the difference between hot, cute, pretty and beautiful?

What do you guys mean when you call a girl hot, cute, pretty, or beautiful? What is the difference to you guys?


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  • Hot girls are girls we are physically attracted to but not much else. Cute girls aren't as hot but we are attracted not only physically but perhaps personally. Pretty girls are attractive but the term is used mostly for non-relationship people (like mother/daughter/friend etc.). Beautiful girls are somewhat more than just attractive and nigh impossible for us to obtain (so we think). Kind of hard to explain but its like seeing a painting of a sunset and an actual sunset. ? Did that make sense?

  • Hot = I want to have sex with her

    Cute and pretty = I'll try to talk to her, she might be someone I'd date.

    Beautiful = Holy sh*t, she looks like a supermodel. I wonder if I even have a chance


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