How do I greet his family?

We aren't boyfriend and girlfriend but we've been on vacation together, he's stayed at mine in france and i went to his in england. His family has seen me over Skype and they know we went on holiday and that we've been intimate but how do I greet them? I'm french so I give bisous or the 2 kisses on the cheek usually but they are English ... what do I do?
any more guys with opinions?


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  • Just be yourself family respect someone who is true and they will be totally open with you if you are open and honest with them. If you try to be someone you are not then they will see right through you and won't trust you

    • They will respect your culture

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    • Your french it is what you do if you dont they may think ohh i thought french people kissed as a greeting she isn't very french lol... do what you always do its your culture its something you should express dont try to be English because they are.

    • thank you :)

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  • Um, go up and half hug them both.. kiss them on the cheek (both cheeks) pull back and greet them.. "Hello, I'm (insert your name here) so glad to meet you"
    you should be fine, they will greet themselves to you so no harm done lol ☺️

    • But is the kissing too close? I know that in france this is normale but would it freak them out?

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    • Ok thanks!

    • ☺️ that's ok

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