Fashion styles on guys smart vs casual?

Ladies and guys please weigh in, but more so for the ladies.

So what more appealing,
A smart well groomed man wearing something like skinny jeans shoes a smart shirt maybe even a cardi and a nice slim looking coat


Baggy or unflattering jeans, a big jumper or hood a pair of trainers and a leather jacket

Which guy would you prefer let alone who are u more likely to approach

  • Smart, jeans shirt shoes
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  • Casual, big jeans hoody cap
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  • Any guy that dresses like he's staying home watching a baseball game while drinking beer 24/7 just looks lazy. I understand being extremely causal occasionally, but dressing up sometimes causes no harm.

    • So would you approach a smarter dressed guy in a say shopping Center than a more casual dressed one?

    • Definitely smarter dressed.

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