To guys what's the difference between...?

I am really curious why one guy would refer to a girl as being cute/pretty and another girl as sexy.

To guys is there a difference when you use different meanings?

Does it mean anything or does that just mean the girl is only pretty. I hate being called pretty or cute. Does that mean I am not beautiful because I am not being called those things?

I really don't understand.


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  • well in my opinion when I call a girl pretty/cute I either a) think of them as friends b) like them and have respect for them. When I call girls sexy it's just for lustful reasons, sadly. But that's just me.

    • So if I'm called pretty/cute I'm in the friend zone? =[

    • Yeah that's a good question!

    • Yeah because you just say that they're pretty/cute as if there's no romantic intentions. They're just copmliments. but that's just my opinion!

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  • To me Sexy has always meant that she is basically physically attractive and turns you on.

    Beautiful means more than she is just physically attractive. There's something about her, she lights up a room, or takes your breath away. She draws you to her and makes you want to know her better. She's basically the whole package.

    Cute is more like she's physically attractive, but not in a "Wow, I'd like to have sex with her" kind of way. Plus it also usually means she has personality features that are attractive like she is funny and sweet.

    A woman can be beautiful and sexy, or beautiful and cute. But cute and sexy is a lot more rare. Being called cute is a good thing, and much better than just sexy alone.

    • When would a guy call a girl beautiful? like after theyve dated or in the beginning when he has met her?

  • Cute = youthful looking, baby faced and built with small stature

    Pretty = attractive without looking looking like she has to have a 1000 dollar make up artist

    put her together every morning

    Beautiful - well dressed, usually like a movie star or Barbie doll in looks -

    Sexy - sexy is someone who doesn't have to be a Barbie doll or be a cutie. They're usually

    someone who is fairly attractive but is far more attractive in how she carries herself

    - she dresses to tease not expose herself, she knows how to apply make-up to accentuate her assets not cover up her imperfections, she knows how to send out signals

    without playing games and she is confident and reasured of her abilities to attract

    and please a man .

    In short sexy is a package deal mind and body

  • I have to agree with JustaNiceGuy, I think of girls I like as cute/pretty as well as a few friends, sexy is either used jokingly when messing around or if the girl just has sex appeal, nothing else.

    • Okay so being cute/pretty is a good thing? It doesn't mean you are lacking in anything?

    • Yeah, in some cases it's better then Sexy because their just a hot girl that you'd say "Oooh I'd like to get on that" but of course you'd never really date someone like that. cute/pretty means you have something special that a guy likes enough to want to be with you. At least in my book.

    • Thanks! This helps a lot.

  • Sexy = majorly turns you on and has a very attractive body etc.

    Cute/Pretty = Looks sweet and you sort of want to protect them a bit.

    I prefer cute girls personally for a long term relationship :)


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