GUYS help please: He has a girlfriend but he locks eyes with me all the time?

this guy has a gf, and I don't wanna sound like mean girl or arrogant but honestly I am way sexier than her, I am sexy and she is not! I am hot and she is not. however her boyfriend always locks eyes with me and stares at me and stuff!

and I kinda have a crush on him! but I understand they might have a good relationship going on and stuff but I want him! so bad ... like uh


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  • There must be something about her that he likes.

    Maybe she has a sexy personality. lol

    In all seriousness though guys do that to me at times, but that doesn't mean they are interested in getting into a relationship with you.

    I work around a lot of men and they look at a hot chick when she passes by but that's it. Nice to look at but doesn't mean they wanna hook up.


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  • leave it.

    don't mess with other peoples relationships cus it backfires sometimes majorly!

    Don't think you're hot cus nobody likes a girl like that (I know you said your not, but be careful)


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  • He likes her for her personality and you for your body... sorry. Don't pursue it.