Is it ok for the fingers to touch the boot when wearing them? Or is that a small boot? What is wrong with these boots?

I ordered myself a pair of hiking boots from online store. I have at least 3 other pairs that exact same size (other manufacturers)
These boots are ok while i am seated, when i stand up, my foot slides forward a bit and my fingers touch the boot in the front. Not pushing on the boot, touching it, but still it kind of feels it should not happen.
So my question is it ok for the fingers to touch the front of the boot or should i give them back?
And is it normal for foot to slide forward? i never realized this before.


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  • I think your TOES touch the front of the boot. And the boots are probably a bit too large.

    • English not my first language so i guess it's acceptable.:) . you understood what i meant anyway. Too large? I though they were too tight and that is why my "fingers" touch the boot

    • I misunderstood, I suppose, because you said that your foot slid and I thought the sliding occurred because you had too much space inside the boot. Size can vary between brands and even styles so maybe you should exchange for another size. Shoes do 'break in' and loosen up, but if you really use those boots for hiking, you may be sorry if they don't fit exactly right.

  • Take your finger off your boots and stand up straight. It should now be impossible for your fingers to touch the end of the boots.


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