Which one of you girls will be hanging a real stocking over the fireplace for Christmas?

My girlfriend's been doing this for several years. She'll take her silkiest ultra sheer black nylon stocking and hang it over the fireplace (we have a real fireplace). Needless to say we have a very MERRY Christmas.

How about you girls? do you do this for your bf/husband? I'd like to hear your stories.


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  • There's no way I'd hang nylon up in front of a naked flame.

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    • A curtain? Ok... As long as you're safe!

    • yes it's a metal curtain. precisely to keep sparks and hot coal chips from flying out. we play it safe. plus keeps her black nylon stocking safe. thanks

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  • Imagine putting her nylon stocking on your hairy legs and slowly tugging on it with your teeth then slapping your but with it and teasingly hanging it on the mantle of the raging fireplace. Were you uncomfortable when reading this? Good, stop objectifying women, men can do it for their gf's too.

    • Nope not uncomfortable at all. that's wot girlfriends are there for - to please their boyfriends/husbands. Besides if I put any of my sox or anything like that over the fireplace people would run out in HORROR!

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    • I'd say I think you're trolling to annoy her, if you aren't then you're a total jackass.

    • nope, people just let themselves get upset over things that are none of their business.

  • Lol... I will as always be hanging my very old pillow case on the mantelpiece, just as I have done ever since I was a little girl. :)

  • This got creepy somehow.


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